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Spine Surgery

If you have been struggling with your back pain since long time, you would be wondering if spine surgery is the best option for your treatment. At times, surgery is the only option remaining to fix your back problem. When all the non surgical treatments fail then spine surgeries come as the only resort to fix your back pain. There can be loads of issues, which can contribute to the problem of back pain. These include aging, structural/trauma abnormalities and inappropriate body mechanics can cause injury to your spine that can bring in back pain and several other symptoms like leg numbness or pain or even the leg weaknesses. Chronic back pain is basically a condition, which generally needs a competent team of health professionals in order to diagnose and treat.

Spine Surgery Procedure:
Most often the spine surgery is generally carried out with an option of open surgery. This encompasses opening of the operative site along with a longer incision so that the surgeon carrying out the same, which can have the accessibility of the spinal anatomy. However, thanks to the advance technology tools, which can help the surgeons to point out the spine conditions, which can be treated with the help of minimally invasive techniques. As the minimally invasive spine surgery procedures do not often encompass bigger incisions, open manipulation of the tissues and muscles surrounding the spine can be easily avoided, which can lead to shorter operative time duration. Generally speaking, reducing the intraoperative manipulation of soft tissues can result into less amount of postoperative pain following quicker recovery.